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Polished Vortex 23" 3.5" Billet Front Wheel Rim Harley Touring Bagger Dual Disc

Manufacturer: Ultima




PART# 37-806 

Fits 2000-2007 Baggers with 1" Axle

Will also fit 84-99 models when used with supplied bearing reducers and 2000+ style rotors.  Respacing of the wheel may be required.

Dual Disc Hub.

23" Front Wheel

Comes with 1" sealed bearings
Wheels utilize 2000 later style pulleys & rotors.
(2.25" Center Hub)
Brand new
Polished Aluminum Rim and Hub
Tech Note: eBay fitment is just a guide, you bike may require respacing etc. If you have any doubts, please message us first. Some models require raked trees.
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