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Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing 7" Solar Windshield Polished Kit Harley FLHR 94+

Manufacturer: Memphis Shades


MEM7011 + MEK1913 + MEK1914
- +


PART NUMBERS: MEM7011 + MEK1913 + MEK1914

Complete Package, Including Batwing Fairing, Trigger-Lock Mounting/Bracket Kit, 7" Solar Windshield

Fits: 1994-2020 Road King

Special Tech Notes: FLHRS/FLHRSI require OEM windshield docking hardware

Fairing Features: 

Are you looking for the sleek bagger style for your non-touring equipped Harley Davidson?  The Memphis Shades Batwing fairing is the solution. While it looks great in it's factory finished Class-A gloss black surface, it can be easily painted to match your custom ride. 

Clean aerodynamic shape.

Trigger-Lock mount kits allow you to quickly and easily remove or install your fairing.

Class A gloss black finish that looks great as is or can be easily painted.

Inner structure is black ABS.

Made in USA

Bracket Features:

Trigger Lock Mechanism for easy on/off

Polished Metal Construction

Made in USA