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Ultima Chrome 18 8.5" 60 Spoke Rear Wheel Harley Custom 250mm Tire Rotor Package

Manufacturer: Ultima/Avon/DNA/Colony




Fits Custom wide tire applications, will NOT FIT STOCK SWINGARMS
Take a close look, this wheel looks awesome!
Chrome Billet Hub
Chrome Steel Rim
 Sealed for Tubeless Tires
 Sealed 1" ID bearings
  2.25" hub race for 2000 to present rotor/pulley
Avon Tire:  Avon introduces a brand new range of tires designed to meet the changing needs of modern customs, cruisers, and tourers
They have a new stylized tread design that balances the needs of rapid water dispersal (Enhanced Aqua Flow - EAF) as well as tire stability (Enhanced Stability System - ESS) and maximum resistance to wear (Lifetime Profile Engineering - LPE)
This will bring new levels of performance while maintaining the legendary mileage associated with Avon Touring tires
In keeping with the market trends for a mixture of both performance and style, Avon has introduced a unique "Snakeskin" sidewall to complement the Cobra logo on the tire sidewall and tread of each tire
Rotors: DNA Stainless Steel "Super Spoke" design rotors.  11.5" Diameter.  High-Polished for "Mirror-Like" finish.  Surface Hardened
Rotor Bolts: Colony, USA Made Chrome Rotor Bolts
Tire/Rotor Mounted, Ready for Pulley/Sprocket Install
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